Disorders of the shoulder and elbow are some of the most common orthopedic complaints. Pain in these two joints can be the result of overuse from normal daily activities, acute injuries and trauma, athletic injuries, and degenerative conditions. Most shoulder and elbow injuries and pain syndromes can be greatly improved with the appropriate treatment; choosing a physician who specializes in these areas can be a crucial step on your road to recovery. Dr. Matthew Walker is such a physician. As one of the only fellowship trained Shoulder and Elbow surgeons in the Richmond area, Dr. Walker specializes in all aspects of shoulder and elbow care.

Whether you are an overhead or throwing athlete with shoulder or elbow pain from a sports injury, or you have suffered with chronic pain for years, Dr. Walker is trained in the latest techniques to improve your condition. Newer, minimally invasive techniques to treat shoulder and elbow problems have sped up recovery times and lessened post-operative pain, and newer shoulder replacement techniques offer hope for people who have been told in the past that there was ‘nothing more that can be done for your shoulder problem.’

As a patient of Dr. Walker’s, you will receive the full care and attention of the staff; after all, caring for our patients is the reason we are practicing medicine in the first place!

Dr. Matthew Walker

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